• Amazonia!
  • 5000 Miles!
    5000 Miles!
  • For A Cure!
    For A Cure!

INTRODUCING the “Amazon 5000”



In the early months of 2012, MICKEY GROSMAN, a modern-day explorer, adventurer, and survivalist, will execute a 5000 mile, Coast- to -Coast Expedition along the Amazon River and Rainforest of South America, through its unrivaled beauty and its mysterious jungles.

Mickey – a resident of Orlando, Florida, will travel south the Equator to begin his journey at the Pacific shore of Ecuador. His AMAZON 5000 expedition will travel the first 800 miles by foot over the Western and Eastern formidable Andes Mountains while fielding continuous rugged terrain throughout the Cloud Forest dense jungles. He will continue down the mighty Amazon River and mystical Amazon Jungle, traveling a 4,200 River mile stretch, using only a kayak and strong survival skills to get him across. His odyssey will eventually lead him to the Amazon mouth, at the Atlantic shores of Brazil, an expedition totaling 5000 miles!

The twelve - month journey will run across the South American continent traversing Ecuador, Peru, Columbia and Brazil.

On his route, Mickey will be aided by rare historic maps, previous interviews of indigenous Amazonians, and a collection of oral and written testimonies gathered over the years to help him navigate through the treacherous terrain. Mickey intends to retrace the original tracks of the Legendary El-Dorado voyage in1541, commanded by the Spaniard Francisco de Orellana, the explorer who discovered the Amazon River and named that region “Amazonia.”

No doubt, Mickey will face extreme challenges such as hazardous gorges, turbulent waterways, dangerous environmental obstacles and deadly wildlife that may impede his journey. More of are the savage “uncontacted “Amazon tribes, hostile pirates and even drugs trafficking bandits that might encounter his way. But Mickey is determined to persevere and reach his destiny, as no one before him has done. Not since Francisco de Orellana’s exploration has anyone attempted to cross this path at this juncture.

Faced with a potential life-threatening environment, Mickey will rely heavily on his best survival skills, gained during his years with the Israeli Defense Forces, IDF Special Operations combat unit, and honed while staying in the rural jungle and living among his Amazonian friends. These valuable skills have aided him over the years as he led adventures deep into the Amazon Rainforest sharing his passion for exploration and extreme challenge experiences with adventure seekers like him.

It wouldn’t be the first time Mickey has to face a life-threatening situation. Diagnosed on 2010 with melanoma cancer, and now a cancer survivor, Mickey’s objective is to run EXPEDITION AMAZON 5000 as a tool to promote global awareness to the plight of other cancer patients and to raise funds along his journey to benefit Cancer Research centers as Moffitt Center and such others.

And to those who are still fighting cancer Mickey dedicates this extraordinary trek hoping to inspire and to encourage them to continue their fight despite unwavering obstacles.

Mickey welcomes adventurers from around the world to join him at designated checkpoints along this courageous endeavor expedition route, for various periods of time and different legs of the journey.


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